Why did Kroos sign a new contract with Real Madrid? “My glory days are not over”

I am still confident in my skills.

Toni Kroos (32) accompanies Real Madrid for another year. Spanish media ‘Marca’ said on the 16th (Korean time), “Kroos will stay at Real Madrid for one more season. He will accept a one-year extension from Real Madrid.”

The German-born Kroos has been playing for Real Madrid since 2014. He is the team’s key midfielder along with Luka Modric. His achievements are so splendid that he has already risen to the ranks of Real Madrid legends.

Only Real Madrid has lifted five trophies each in the UEFA Champions League and the Club World Cup.

As a central midfielder, it is difficult to find a weakness as he has skills close to that of a large hexagon. In particular, the pass is unmatched. Over the past 8 seasons, the average pass success rate in Spanish La Liga has reached 94%.

Kroos, born in 1990, has entered a considerable age as a player. Nevertheless, Real Madrid has shown its willingness to renew the contract since last year. This is because there is no deterioration in his skills and his stake in Real Madrid is so large. 메이저놀이터

Cross was troubled. He vowed that he would not renew his contract unless he could show the best performance.

Time passed and Cross was confident. ‘Marca’ said, “I thought Kroos could show his current performance for a few more years. He decided to stay at Real Madrid for one more year.”

Cross’ glory days are currently in progress. Modric, Kroos and Real Madrid, who will also be together next season, will also be able to avoid power leaks.

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