Why Darvishman? The reason why San Diego can’t send Kim Ha-seong

Darvish and Kim Ha-seong are not. Is San Diego discriminating between the two players?

Darvish Yu (San Diego) made a ‘surprise announcement’ on Twitter on the 31st of last month. It was news that he would participate in the Japanese WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team camp from the 17th of this month in Miyazaki from the first day.

Until Darvish announced his participation on the first day, the Japanese media predicted that major leaguers belonging to the national team would be able to join only in March. This is because the organizer, WBCI, had to discuss the insurance premium for early joining, and even if this issue was resolved, consultation with each affiliated club was a different issue.

So, Darvish added, “It is true that it is difficult to join early. I am a veteran, so I showed flexibility in San Diego.” Japan has concluded an insurance premium agreement for the remaining major leaguers, Shohei Otani (Angels), Seiya Suzuki (Cubs), Las Nuba (St. Louis), and Masataka Yoshida (Boston), but it is still unclear whether these players will be able to come to Miyazaki’s camp.

Another controversy (?) followed when Darvish announced that he would join the national team camp. Ha-seong Kim also participates in the WBC because, unlike Darvish, he can only play with the Korean national team in March. 스포츠토토 Why did this situation of ‘Darvish and Kim Ha-seong not’ happen? It’s a pity from Korea’s point of view, but there is a realistic reason.

The major leagues introduced three major rules this year. Defensive shift restrictions, pitch clock, and base size expansion are all changes that are directly or indirectly linked to Kim Ha-seong. There are a lot of things to do at the team level.

“We don’t know yet how the new rules will play out in the game,” said San Diego manager Bob Melvin. It has to be done. That is the purpose of spring camp.”

In addition to being a veteran, Darvish benefited from the nature of his position as a starting pitcher. Manager Melvin said, “Starting pitchers (in spring camp) have to throw enough innings. So I’m not too worried about Darvish. Rather, I’m worried about the bullpen pitchers.”

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