Villa, a huge investment in the director who will ‘promote the recruitment of Lee Kang-in’…”An astronomical salary offer”

Aston Villa wants to be the main character of the transfer market this summer. He seems to be the reason for trying to bring Mate Hualemani.

Villa edged the relegation zone early this season under manager Steven Gerrard. It was a pity considering he strengthened the squad through a lot of investment. He sacked manager Gerrard and brought in Unai Emery, who led Villarreal. Emery failed at Arsenal, but it was different at Villa. The team that was at the bottom of the table has risen to the top.

Villa, which is now aiming for competitions hosted by the European Football Federation (UEFA), plans to make a major investment this summer. The person who has already led the transfer market has also been decided. It will be entrusted to the director of Allemani in Barcelona. Alemani is famous in the football world. He is known for his excellent managerial skills and eye for players. Alemani, who is from Mallorca, served as vice-captain and general manager of Real Mallorca and then went to Valencia in 2017.

He received good reviews while leading Valencia’s revival period, and was appointed director when Laporta’s president came to Barcelona in 2021. After working for more than two years, Alemani left Barcelona. Director Alemani, who left Barcelona, ​​will go to Villa and lead the summer transfer market in line with coach Emery. Already, Nico Williams, Samuel Chuqueze, Ferran Torres, and Lee Kang-in, who showed good performances in Spanish La Liga, are rumored to be transferring to Villa.

Eduardo Romeu, vice president of economics at Barcelona, ​​said: “It would have been difficult for Allemani to turn down the villa offer. He offered an astronomical salary. It was almost a blank check. It would have been difficult to turn down. Allemani did a great job at Barcelona and was very It’s been great. Leaving Barcelona is a huge bad news for us.” 안전놀이터

“I had to allow it though. The EPL is more flexible than La Liga in terms of finances. If Alemani goes to the EPL, he will make that team a team that will resonate throughout the league.”

Expectations are already high that Alemani, who has already been recognized for his ability, will come to Villa and make a team that will influence the league game. It is noteworthy whether the recruitment of Lee Kang-in, who is interested in other teams such as Atletico Madrid, will be successful.

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