The real version of Seo Tae-woong and the genius Ok Dong-ja collapsed due to injury

In the 2003 rookie draft, it seemed that Yonsei University would start a counterattack. In the previous draft, Yonsei University, which had only produced one person (Park Jae-seong) in the second round without a first round and lost its pride, had three players (Kim Dong-woo, Jeon Byeong-seok, Park Gwang-jae) in the first round, two (Park Jeong-wan, Yun Ho-jin) in the third round, It produced a whopping 6 people, including 1 (Lim Jeong-hoon), and showed its position as an authentic basketball prestige.

Korea University also had 4 people selected: 2 in the 1st round (Kim Doo-hyun, Oh Yong-jun) and 2 in the 2nd round (Lee Geun-seok, Lee Hyeon-ho), but Kim Doo-hyun (9th in the 1st round) was the highest in the spotlight, so he slightly missed the spotlight. In the previous draft, Sungkyunkwan University, which showed the strength to produce three players in the first round of the 5th pick, was selected as the 2nd pick by Ok Bum-Jun and boasted that it is still an emerging basketball powerhouse.

2003 was expected to be one of the best drafts of all time, but as a result, it was left as a year full of regrets. ‘Yonsei University Seo Tae-woong’ Kim Dong-woo (43‧196cm) is a player who has been expected to become a player comparable to Kim Joo-sung since his freshman days. ‘Okdongja’ Ok Beom-jun (41‧174cm), who participated in the early draft, also raised expectations as the ‘second Kim Seung-hyun’. Because they showed so much during their amateur days, they were evaluated as ‘players who will perform above average even if they are sluggish’, but as a result, both of them suffered injuries and left their careers far below expectations.

Rather, the stall was taken by the teams that selected Korea University graduates. 10th place in round 1 Oh Yong-joon (41‧193cm) and 2nd round 8th place Lee Hyeon-ho (42‧192cm) were not explosive, but they were successful as long-running players by playing in the KBL for a long time with steady and reliable play. Both of them played more games than first and second place players Kim Dong-woo and Ok Beom-jun combined. It reminds me of the title of a certain movie, ‘It’s not that the strong last long, it’s the long lasting that is strong’.

Park Sang-ryul (41‧178cm) cannot be left out. It is one of the names that are mentioned without falling out when mentioning the draft. Although he was the number 1 single player who mainly played as a backup point guard on the professional stage, his background, which was slightly different from other players, was talked about over and over again. He was drafted as a freshman from the collegiate second division and played 270 games in nine seasons. Among the players nominated in the first round, only five players played more games than Park Sang-ryul. It can be said that it was a case that gave hope in many ways to players in similar circumstances.

Kim Dong-woo, who failed to become KBL Seo Tae-woong,

Yonsei University’s next-generation prospective star, who has both skills and marketability, is suffering from an injury that prevented him from playing as well as expected in the professional world. Kim Taek-hun, who was in the first draft, was like that. As a freshman at Yonsei University, despite being a freshman, he was recognized for his skills and took a lot of business trip time.

Although his playing style was somewhat crude, he often scored decisive points thanks to his all-weather defense that could cover 1-4 and his unflinching personality even in big matches, and he enjoyed considerable popularity with his own charm. This is why Samsung nominated him as the third pick even though he said that most of his Achilles tendon was cut before the draft.

Unfortunately, Kim Taek-hoon, who lost his athletic ability due to injury, could not escape beyond being a professional defender, and could not be found as the number 2 forward following Hyun Joo-yeop in college. At the moment when he was feeling sorry for Kim Taek-hoon, who couldn’t bloom like that, another top-class prospect appears at Yonsei University. 바카라 It has been called an upgraded version of Kim Taek-hoon in all aspects, including physical condition, motor nerves, and various techniques. If Kim Taek-hoon was a bold and good player in his freshman year, Kim Dong-woo was an ace as soon as he entered. He, of course, followed a lot of attention around him.

Kim Dong-woo was a tall forward who mainly played the number 4 position, but showed the play of a swingman by going inside and outside when attacking. Despite his tall stature, his face-up using his speed was excellent, and his mid-range shots from any distance were excellent. Although he had a rather high stance, he used crossover dribbling, which was not widely used by guards at the time, and was also good at handling the ball to the extent that he sometimes took on the role of carrying the ball.

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