“The player is responsible for the downfall, but the start is Boelli” British media criticizes Chelsea owner’s loudness in the locker room

Prestigious Chelsea are on their way to collapse. 

Chelsea lost 1-2 against Brighton in the 31st round of the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL) on the 15th (Korean time). 

As a result, Chelsea (39 points), who recorded a draw in six games, including a loss in the Champions League against Real Madrid, remained in 11th place in the league rankings. It is the third consecutive loss since the appointment of Frank Lampard, who returned as an interim manager to save Chelsea from crisis. 

Then Chelsea co-owner and chairman Todd Boelli exploded. After the game, President Boelli went to the locker room and shouted at the players, “It’s embarrassing.” 

As the owner of Boelli, he was angry. Boelli, who took over Chelsea last summer, paid more than 600 million pounds (approximately 982.8 billion won) just for the player recruitment, showing a burning desire.

However, British ‘Evening Standard’ reporter Dan Kilpatrick criticized the current Chelsea situation, saying, “It is not that the players are not responsible for Chelsea’s downfall, but it is Boelli who is responsible for the current chaos.” 

Chelsea are playing under four managers this season. It started with Thomas Tuchel’s managerial system, but later joined Graham Porter, Bruno Saltor, and Lampard, but he has not yet found a direction. 토토사이트

The media pointed out that “American Boelli seems to be paying a lot of attention to the club, but there is still so much to learn about English football.” 

In fact, Boelli is known to have interfered severely on the field, such as advising coach Tuchel to play a ‘4-4-3 formation’ instead of 4-3-3. In soccer, 4-4-3 cannot come out of any formation except for the goalkeeper. It means that Boelli’s owner is ignorant of football. 

In this situation, the media emphasized that the owner of Boelli visited the locker room right after the game and scolded the players, which could have a counterproductive effect. However, interim coach Lampard rather embraced the owner of Boelli, saying, “I don’t feel uncomfortable in this situation,” regarding Boelli’s visit to the locker room.

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