The moment LeBron James felt old

“I felt that I was very old.”

On the 18th (Korean time), local media CBS Sports told the story of how LeBron James (Lakers), born in 1984, realized how long he had been on the court.

The Lakers won 140-132 in the game against Houston on the 17th, recording their 20th win (24 losses) of the season.

During the game, Houston rookie Jabari Smith Jr. (19) told LeBron an interesting fact. It is that his father and Lebron met as opponents in the NBA. As the years went by, LeBron’s feelings were bound to be strange as he had to play against his son.

October 30, 2003 was LeBron’s NBA debut. Lebron played 42 minutes and 50 seconds before his debut, recording 25 points and 9 assists. At this time, the player who was playing for Sacramento, the opposing team, was Zabiri Smith Senior. He is the father of this season’s rookie Jabari Smith Jr. 카지노

When Smith Jr. told this story, LeBron said, “Why are you doing this to me… It is rumored that he burst into laughter.

In a post-game interview, LeBron said, “I felt like I was getting really old. Even Smith Jr. said, ‘I feel old,’” he said. I think of Gary Trant Sr. and Junior, Kenyon Martin Sr. and Junior.”

It is evaluated that it was a scene that made me feel once again how long he was quilting the court. 

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