The first leader to be ordained… Former manager Kim Jeong-nam, “I was happy to be the K-League manager”

Former Elephant of Merit (now Jeju United) and Ulsan Hyundai manager Kim Jong-nam were inducted into the K-League Hall of Fame for the first time as a leader. Former coach Kim expressed his feelings through his grandson that he was happy at the time when he was active as an active leader.

Former manager Kim was inducted into the K-League Hall of Fame Leadership category held at the Grand Ballroom of the Ambassador Pullman Hotel in Jangchung-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul at 11 am on the 2nd. Former coach Kim was honored to be the first coach to be inducted into the Hall of Fame thanks to the past glory of leading Yugong and Ulsan to the top of the K-League, respectively, during his active leadership. However, due to his illness, he was unable to attend the ceremony, and his grandson, Kim Min-seok, received the award on behalf of him.

The recommendation for former coach Kim was given by Hyun Young-min, coach of the Ulsan Hyundai U-18 team, who was his student. Coach Hyun said, “It was one day in April 2001. When I was a student at Konkuk University, there was a practice match against Ulsan. I remember Coach Kim saying, ‘Nice to meet you, Youngmin.’ I looked back on my relationship with former manager Kim, saying, ‘Let’s meet in Ulsan in good health.’

“After taking my first step as a leader, I realized how much weight a coach can have. Coach Hong said that he developed his dream as a ball boy at Dongdaemun Stadium, and when coach Hong was playing as a player, I grew up as a ball boy. Now, Ulsan’s youth I am a ball boy. I will make sure that they can be reborn as good players.”

The current director prayed for the master’s recovery. Coach Hyun said, “Director Kim, a famous defender who will remain in Korean soccer history, was unable to attend the awards ceremony because of poor health. I hope you recover well soon. Once again, I sincerely congratulate coach Kim on being inducted into the Hall of Fame.” 카지노사이트

Director Kim conveyed his impressions of the award through his grandson, Kim Min-seok, who took his place on the podium. Former coach Kim said, “I sincerely congratulate you as a footballer on the 40th anniversary of professional football.” I feel sorry for the various leaders who have been with me,” he said.

He continued, “I was happy to be the K-League coach. The moments I spent with great players, the loud cheering from the fans, and the countless matches I played are all precious memories. Thank you to the players, club officials, and fans who have been with me regardless of win or loss. I hope everyone is healthy and comfortable.”

Meanwhile, Min-seok Kim, after giving his impressions of the award, said, “My grandfather always told me, ‘Min-seok, you have to be humble and work hard. Always remember those two things.’ I will always remember those words. Grandpa, congratulations. Thank you for giving me this award.”

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