The fate of a fullback who doesn’t care about Man City, ‘I have to do well and spit out money’

What will be the fate of Joao Cancelo?

Cancelo has not been able to consistently seize the opportunity to play after the World Cup in Qatar. This led to rumors of a feud with manager Pep Guardiola.

It is said that Cancelo was hurt by his pride for not being able to consistently seize opportunities and caused friction with manager Guardiola.

Cancelo, who lost his position at Manchester City, headed to Bayern Munich. He joined on loan and was reported to have a full transfer option included.

It is known that Bayern Munich needs 70 million euros (approximately 98 billion won) to completely recruit Cancelo.

However, it is an atmosphere that does not prefer a complete scout, considering Cancelo undesirable in Bayern Munich.

Even if Kansenru returns to Man City because of friction, it is unlikely to be used as a main resource. 바카라

The British media’Daily Star’ mentioned the possibility, saying, “There is only one way to change the sticky situation of Cancelu.”

He added, “I have no choice but to make a deep impression for the rest of the year and spit out money for a complete recruitment from Bayern Munich.”

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