‘That’s right!’ LG laughs at the true value of FA 6.5 billion catcher…’Stable lead + reverse gun’

Catcher Park Dong-won, who broke a three-game losing streak with a stable pitcher lead the day before ‘Good luck’, presented the team with a winning streak the next day by relentlessly harassing the opponent’s ace and then firing a come-from-behind shot.

Park Dong-won, who signed a four-year, 6.5 billion won free agent contract ahead of this season and wore a pinstripe uniform, is firmly guarding the home of the LG Twins at the beginning of the season.

An expedition to Changwon after losing all three matches to the KIA Tigers last weekend. Catcher Park Dong-won, who worked with Lee Ji-gang of LG, who took the mound as a temporary starter for the NC game held at Changwon NC Park on the 2nd, gave up only 2 points until the 5th inning with a stable lead.

Park Dong-won, who scored an extra point with a hit ball at the top base after Oh Ji-hwan’s come-from-behind hit in the 7th inning, secured a 5-3 victory by leading the pitching team led by Park Myeong-geun, Jin Hae-soo, Yoo Young-chan and Ham Deok-joo after starter Lee Ji-gang finished the 5th inning. finished the game with Catcher Park Dong-won, who led the three-game losing streak, was delighted to embrace the beasts. 메이저놀이터

Park Dong-won, who went on a business trip wearing a catcher mask the next day, boasted a fantastic teamwork with starter Plutko and blocked the NC lineup by allowing only one run until the 7th inning. Conversely, Park Dong-won, who entered the plate, persistently harassed NC starter Gu Chang-mo.

Park Dong-won, who entered the plate as the lead batter in the 5th inning when the score was tied 1-1, did not miss Koo Chang-mo’s mismatch at the end of a full count game that went to 11 pitches. When the forkball thrown by Chang-mo Koo entered the strike zone on the 11th pitch, Park Dong-won boldly turned the bat. The batted ball that hit the center of the bat landed where the outfielders couldn’t catch it. It was a solo gun with a distance of 125m.

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