“Suwon Samsung’s No. 29 won’t kneel,” fans cheer

Fans of the Suwon Samsung Bluewings cheered for Lee Sang-min (18).

Suwon struggled at the start of the season, leading to a managerial change and the appointment of Kim Byung-soo. Since then, the team has revitalized and is looking to escape the relegation zone.

The game against Ulsan Hyundai on Nov. 21 at home was a crucial one, as a win would keep the momentum going. Suwon took a 2-2 lead against Ulsan, who have been an absolute powerhouse this season. However, in the 39th minute, Matango winger Lee Sang-min, one of the team’s most promising players, was fouled by Seol Young-woo after a ball control error. The referee awarded a penalty kick, which Martin Adam converted, ending the game with a 2-3 defeat.

Coach Kim Byung-soo immediately substituted Lee Sang-min, who must have felt the pressure. He watched the game with his head in his hands and knees, almost sobbing with guilt. 스포츠토토 After the game, Han Ho-kang and other teammates comforted him, but he couldn’t hide his sadness. He even showed tears as he apologized to the supporters.

The FA Cup Round of 16 match against Daegu FC on April 24 was Suwon’s first match since the Ulsan match. Suwon supporters held up a banner that read “Suwon’s No. 29 doesn’t kneel” in support of Lee Sang-min. The banner was meant to console Lee Sang-min, who was kneeling out of guilt, but also to show that he could overcome his mistakes and lead the team by wearing the number 29 worn by legends such as Kwak Hee-joo.

Lee responded to the fan’s account who made the banner and posted it on social media, saying, “Thank you so much. I will be stronger,” and shared the post on his own social media. It was a meaningful communication between the athlete and the fan, a virtuous cycle.

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