‘Stoke-bound’ Bae Jun-ho, Daejeon’s cherished player, says goodbye from the bottom of his heart after Hana Financial Group acquisition → Bae Jun-ho also says “Daejeon No. 1 if I come back”

Early in the morning, the Daejeon Hana Citizen Secretariat gathered at the departure hall. They were busy organizing the departure of Bae Jun-ho (20) to the UK.

Bae Joon-ho boarded a plane to England with all the supporters of Daejeon. After receiving an offer from Stoke City of the English Championship (second division), Bae left the country today after agreeing to a transfer fee of £2 million (approx. KRW 3.3 billion), and will undergo medical tests and other details.

It’s easy to be excited or nervous about a new challenge, but Bae Joon-ho was surrounded by people who gave him stability and courage. In particular, the staff of Daejeon, including Director General Lee Jo-young, sent him a heartfelt farewell. He was familiarized with media interviews so that his determination and ambition could be properly conveyed.

When a player decides to move abroad, his agent usually takes over the work related to departure, and since he doesn’t usually face the media, he has to improvise a bit on the spot. On this day, however, Bae Jun-ho looked relaxed and ready to head to Stoke with the support of Daejeon.

A Daejeon official said, “He is a valuable player for our team,” and he gave his best until the end. Bae Jun-ho is the first player Daejeon has developed and sent overseas since becoming a corporate club after being acquired by Hana Financial Group in 2020. Although he did not come from the youth ranks, he joined the team last year and was actively given playing time to develop his skills.

Bae Joon-ho has also been promising and has developed into a versatile attacking resource who can play on the flanks and in the center. After making a smooth transition to the professional ranks last season, scoring one goal in 10 appearances in the K League 2, Bae has blossomed this season with two goals in 17 games in the K League 1. This earned him a call-up to Team K League last month, where he played against Atletico Madrid and drew praise from coach Diego Simeone.

This is a significant loss for Daejeon, as Bae has a lot of potential and is a big part of the current squad. The K League has already closed the door on the summer transfer market last month, making it difficult to replace Bae immediately, but Daejeon has managed to make it to Europe thanks to the determination of its parent organization and the support of the Daejeon club. 온라인카지노

“The club took care of the transfer process, and I am very grateful to the group,” Bae said before his departure, adding, “I was loved so much that I was able to leave with a good relationship. I will continue to strive for a good relationship.”

It’s a long way off, but it’s a natural part of their relationship that Daejeon is the first thing on their minds when they make the switch to the K League. “If I were to return to Korea, Daejeon would be my first choice,” Bae Jun-ho said without hesitation.

Bae Jun-ho played his farewell game in Daejeon on the 25th against Jeonbuk Hyundai. After the game, he received a rinse from his teammates. The fans of Daejeon showed him a lot of love.

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