SK Knights Kim Seon-hyung’s sword is unbreakable

Charlemagne the Great is one of the important figures in medieval martial poetry. Like King Arthur, it actually existed, but countless martial arts stories come down together like legends, so it has the colors of both real war heroes and mythical heroes. Charlemagne the Great was accompanied by 12 trustworthy knights. All of them were brave and loyal, but among them, Roland was the most foremost knight.

One day, Islamic forces invaded Europe, and each country fell on its knees before their mighty military power. Charlemagne the Great set out on a conquest to defeat the Muslim army that had conquered Spain, but was forced to retreat to his home country due to a fierce counterattack. At this time, Roland was in charge of the rearguard, but was attacked by the Muslim army due to the strategy of a traitor who was jealous of him.

In the end, the knights die one by one, and Roland, who survives until the end and makes the Muslim soldiers sick of it, realizes that everything is over, blows the horn to announce the situation, and strikes the sword ‘Durandal’ he had on a rock. Even if he died when he died, he did not want to hand over to his enemies the best weapon that had been with him for a long time.

However, Durandal was surprisingly hard, and it is said that the rock was shattered when the impatient Roland hit it repeatedly. Durandal , the ‘unbreakable sword’,  has been mentioned in numerous stories since then, and has become famous as a legendary sword along with King Arthur’s Excalibur and Balmung, who is said to have cut off the dragon’s head.

If you were to pick a person from the Seoul SK Knights Knights who could be compared to Roland, Kim Seon-hyeong (34‧187cm) would come to mind first. This is because he is the assault leader who leads the attack from the front line and the best leader trusted by all his colleagues. This season, Kim Seon-hyeong is evaluated to be more fearful than when he was young and lively.

Even after getting old, the unique breakthrough power is still the same, and the sense of fingertips and the eyes to read the situation have become more sophisticated. In the past, he used to crush opponents with high energy levels and explosive power, but recently, he even gives the feeling of reading and controlling the flow. He is even saying that he became a guru from a fighter. At the age of mid-thirties, he is showing off his skills that are comparable to those of his heyday, wondering if this level of step-up is possible. 메이저사이트

This season, SK is aiming for supremacy in the KBL Warring States era, even in the absence of two excellent players who stood at the center of the combined championship last season. While Ahn Young-jun (27‧194.1cm), the first-class housekeeper of the Knights, was away due to military service issues, even Choi Jun-yong (28‧200.2cm), who showed off his presence as a foreign player at the time of the combined championship, suffered from large and small injuries and missed the day on the court. There were far too many days. 

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