Shin Sang-jin, owner of Seongnam, “I will stand at the top through transparent management”

Shin Sang-jin, mayor of Seongnam and owner of Seongnam FC, promised to operate the club transparently in the 2023 season and reproduce the glory of the past. The new owner expressed his aspirations, saying, “As the owner, I will do my best so that Seongnam FC can play a role in helping citizens who love Seongnam fully engage in activities and create great opportunities for citizen integration.”

On the 18th at 4:00 pm, the 2023 Seongnam FC launch ceremony was held at Onnuri Hall in Seongnam City Hall. The ceremony was attended by owner Shin Sang-jin, guests, players and club membership members, youth players and parents, general fans, and officials from the Seongnam Football Association.

The inauguration ceremony consisted of introduction of guests, entrance and introduction of coaching staff and players, congratulatory remarks by the owner, congratulatory remarks by Seongnam City Council President Park Gwang-soon and members of the National Assembly, flag presentation ceremony, release of the slogan for the 2023 season (SPREAD YOUR WINGS: Change Together, Endless Challenge), Director Gi-hyung Lee’s official announcement, group The photo shoot followed.

The new owner, who met with the fans, said, “Nice to meet you. Seongnam FC owner and Seongnam Mayor Shin Sang-jin greets you.” The proud and proud fans and citizens must have felt quite uncomfortable.After becoming the mayor, 15 billion won in tax money went into the city without corporate sponsorship, and the grades fell from part 1 to part 2, causing various bad images. 스포츠토토 I even thought about selling the soccer team. Fans must have been very disappointed, but it is true that I was worried about finding various ways to live while hurting my heart.”

Owner Shin said, “On the one hand, Seongnam FC, which has contributed to the great development of Seongnam, brought together Seongnam City’s 1 million citizens and wondered if it could function as a driving force for Seongnam’s development. CEO Kim Yeong-ha also joined Seongnam FC, saying that Seongnam FC, together with the proud citizens of Seongnam, will promote Seongnam to the whole country and fulfill its role as the owner so that many great players can be produced here. I made a commitment and decided to lead the development of Seongnam and citizen integration,” he said, drawing a future with Seongnam FC.

The new owner made two promises. As there was a lot of noise and trouble in the management of the club, we talked about the continuation of Seongnam FC through transparent management in the future. “In order to become Seongnam FC, where fans can enjoy the joy of spending money on a meaningful ceremony, first of all, we want to clean up various non-transparent management, corruption and hot spots. I didn’t even know the face of coach Lee Ki-hyung. I received a request from anyone. We met for the first time when the interviewers went through interviews, chose the best coach they thought was the best, and handed out a letter of appointment. We first saw each other after transparently selecting a coach, CEO resigning early, and CEO Kim Young-ha also being elected. Our economically difficult team For the day when Seongnam FC stands tall again with great players, I made up my mind to work hard and lead the club in a wonderful way. “

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