Seoul E, senior captain Han Yong-soo. Vice-captain Kim Won-sik-Lee Sang-min-Kim Min-gyu

Seoul E-Land FC has announced the captains who will lead the team for the 2023 season.

Seoul E-Land FC announced on the 19th that it had appointed defender Han Yong-su as the captain to lead the team for the 2023 season, and Kim Won-shik, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Min-gyu as vice-captains.

Han Yong-soo, who was appointed captain this season, is a 12-year professional veteran who debuted with Jeju United in 2012 and joined Seoul E-Land last season after going through Gangwon FC, Gwangju FC, and Chungnam Asan FC.

Han Yong-soo not only protects the team’s defensive line with solid interpersonal defense, accurate build-up, and skillful game management, but also has a lively communication and soft charisma, so he devoted himself silently as the team’s vice-captain last season. 카지노

Kim Won-sik, Lee Sang-min, and Kim Min-gyu were named as vice-captains. Kim Won-sik, who played 179 games in total, is a central midfielder whose strengths include one-on-one defense, cover play, and hot fighting spirit. He made his professional debut in 2013 and played a big role in Incheon UTD and FC Seoul, and was recognized for his leadership, such as serving as captain in Gwangju in the 2021 season.

Lee Sang-min, who joined the team this season, is highly motivating to young players as he is praised for his vigorous activity and dedicated play on the ground and as a housekeeper who does not mind doing dirty work within the team. He also served as captain of Ansan Greeners last season based on his excellent leadership.

Kim Min-gyu, born in 1998, made his debut at Seongnam FC in 2017, went through Hwaseong FC and Gimhae City Hall, and has been active in Seoul E-Land since the 2020 season. receive

The captains, who will lead the team, said, “Being appointed to the captains means more sacrifice and dedication. We will lead by example both inside and outside the field to create a team.” “Our goal is promotion. We will definitely achieve promotion so that all members and fans can laugh together.”

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