Seoul E-Land unveils 2023 new uniform ‘LEOUL BEAT’

Seoul E-Land FC has unveiled a new uniform for the 2023 season.

Seoul E-Land FC announced that it would release the ‘LEOUL BEAT’ uniform, which contains the will to promote in the 2023 season, and conduct online pre-order sales from 2:00 pm on the 18th.

The Seoul E-Land FC uniform, which was unveiled this time, uses the club’s symbolic colors and patterns to approach fans with a simple design.

First, a leopard pattern was applied to the body and shoulders to capture the team’s identity, and the bottom line of the bottom was finished with a leopard pattern to depict the dignity and pride of the leopard corps. 토토사이트

In particular, the introductory part of ‘My Love, Seoul E-Land’, a cheering song made by fans themselves, is expressed in heartbeat graphics on the sleeve part, imprinting the image of the club with fans and adding sophistication.

The home uniform is divided into strong navy and white, the main colors of Seoul E-Land FC, and contains the team’s dynamic movement and will to win. added GK uniforms will be released in new colors neon green and hot pink with the same pattern as before.

Seoul E-Land FC’s 2023 season uniforms will be sold in advance from 2:00 pm on the 18th, and can be purchased through the official shopping mall.

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