“Retire if FA loses”… Kang Ri-ho, who has no team to look for, turns into a YouTuber after retirement

The two players who have applied for free agent (FA) qualifications in the KBO League but have yet to find their team are Jeong Chan-heon (33) and Kang Ri-ho (33). They all have one thing in common: pitchers. 

Even if they are in the same ‘FA lost’ situation, the situation and situation of the two players are completely different. Jeong Chan-heon’s remaining in the original team, Kiwoom, is virtually gone, but the possibility of signing and trading remains. Until recently, there was news that negotiations had been going on and a significant amount of progress had been made until the signing of the contract, but it did not lead to the painting. Jeong Chan-heon is constantly exercising and appealing himself. 바카라

On the other hand, Kang Ri-ho is actually in the process of retiring. Lotte, the original team, held off the FA application, but rejected it and went to the market. There are no offers from other clubs. The negotiation table itself with Lotte was set. Lotte offered a one-year, one-year contract, and Kang Ri-ho demanded the cancellation of the hold after the one-year, one-year contract. However, Lotte rejected Kang Ri-ho’s proposal. Kang Ri-ho’s retreat was virtually blocked. 

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