‘Reservation for advance to ML’ Lee Jung-hoo, is it true that he has changed his batting form? Close dissection

Lee Jung-hoo, who is already at the top of Korean baseball, has changed his batting form. There is only one reason. It is to face major league fastball pitchers.

Lee Jung-hoo, who announced that he will advance to the U.S. after this season, is honing his new batting form in the spring camp.

On the 3rd (Korean time), Lee Jung-hoo’s batting appearance during batting training at Kiwoom Spring Camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA was dissected on video.

It was simple and fast, without any wasted motion. First of all, in the preparation movement, Lee Jung-hoo lowered the position of his left hand to the height of his ear.

Even at the start of the swing, he made a quick and concise swing by lowering his hands in line with the movement of the center of gravity of the body without any additional takeback action. 바카라

The open stance motion of putting the back foot close to the home plate and pulling the front foot wide toward first base was also eliminated. He changed his foot angle to 11 and shortened his stride length as well.

A batting form that was created during individual training in the United States before the team. With a new form, Lee Jung-hoo will compete in the World Baseball Classic. A new work by an evolving genius batter is ahead of the world showcase.

You can see Lee Jung-hoo’s changed batting form in detail in the video.

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