Pacific’s strongest… DRX beats Gen.G after a close match and runs for 5 consecutive wins

It was fierce until the end, befitting a confrontation between the two winning teams. Even though the no-silset march ended, the strongest position was kept. DRX won 5 consecutive victories in the VCT Pacific League after beating Gen.G after a close match in a full set.

DRX won a set score of 2-1 (13-7, 10-13, 13-4) against Gen.G in the 5th week of the ‘2023 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)’ Pacific held at Sangam e-sports stadium in Seoul on the 22nd. won With this, DRX secured its lead by recording all 5 wins. On the other hand, Gen.G gained momentum by taking the second set, but suffered its first defeat in the tournament and fell to second place. 안전놀이터

As a team called the strongest team in the VCT Pacific, DRX showed an overwhelming performance in the early stages and took the first set in a good mood. He won 10 rounds in a row and turned the halfway point 11-1.

Gen.G, who fell far behind by 1-11, also switched to offense and fought hard in the second half, making up for the 5 rounds, but in the end, they could not overcome the wall of DRX and ended the first set with a 13-7, DRX victory.

Genji, who showed his potential in the second half of the first set, also delivered a proper blow to DRX’s big nose in the second set, ‘Fracture’. In a 10-10 situation, I took three rounds in a row and balanced the set score to 1-1.

However, the winner who laughed last was DRX. In the 3rd set ‘Pearl’, DRX gave only 4 rounds, but ended the match with 13-4 while suppressing the opponent in defense and attack.

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