Osimen, who remains vigilant until the end, “Winner?

Victor Osimen, the ‘ace’ of SSC Napoli, fell in love with Napoli just like the ‘legend’ Diego Maradona of the past. The people of Naples, the passion and strong support they radiate is the power that makes the players run.

This season, Napoli are aiming to win the Italian Serie A, as Maradona did. Napoli have won the scudetto twice in the past, in the 1986-1987 season and 1989-1990 season. These are all achievements that Maradona achieved while playing for Napoli.

Current Napoli players, including Osimen, are eagerly aspiring to win. “As a footballer, when you come to Napoli, you fall in love with football even more,” said Osimen in particular. Napoli fans dedicate their whole lives to the game and to supporting their team. “He spoke of a sense of duty. 세븐 토토

Referring to Maradona’s achievements, Osimen expressed admiration, saying, “When you think of Napoli, you are the first player that fans think of. Even if we win, nothing compares to what Maradona has done for this team. He is more than a legend.” did.

On the other hand, regarding the transfer rumor, it is Osimen who expressed his desire to play in the Premier League. Premier League clubs such as Manchester United and Chelsea are trying to sign him.

“Many people around the world consider the Premier League to be the best and strongest league. Of course, I am working towards my dream of playing in the Premier League one day,” said Osimen. I want to keep it,” he said, expressing his thoughts that he is satisfied with the present.

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