“My shoulders are uncomfortable… ” KIA 26-year-old Futures Pyeongjeongnam AVG 0.213? Don’t worry

“My shoulder is uncomfortable… ”

KIA’Futures Pyeongjeongnam’ Choi Won-joon (26) has one month left before being discharged. Wonjun Choi will be discharged on June 12th. As early as June 13th, he can return to the first team and play in the Gocheok Kiwoom match. If KIA does not cancel even one game from Gwangju SSG on the 9th to Jamsil Doosan on June 11th, Choi Won-joon can play in a maximum of 89 games this season.

Choi Won-joon played 92 games in the Futures League last year, making a big success with 124 hits in 325 at-bats, a batting average of 0.382, 6 homers, 73 RBIs and 90 points. He became the futures league southern league batting champion. He received enthusiastic support from fans and officials by saying at the ceremony, “I hope the awards for Futures players will be increased.”

Choi Won-joon is off to a bad start this year. He went 10-for-47 with a batting average of .213, 5 RBI and 8 runs in 12 games. He plummeted by a whopping 1/8, but there are no results without reason. As it turned out, my condition was not perfect due to shoulder pain at the beginning of the season. At this point, it is known that his condition has recovered. 6 hits in 20 at-bats in the last 5 games, batting average of 0.300.

Coach Kim Jong-guk said after the Changwon NC game was canceled on the 6th, “I felt uncomfortable because Won-jun had a shoulder injury. He has about a month left until he is discharged, and I hope he improves his condition well in the Futures League. I think Wonjun and (Na) Seongbeom will come in together, but I think the competition in the outfield will become more intense.” 스포츠토토

At this point, there seems to be no need to worry too much about Choi Won-joon’s batting average of 0.213. He just needs to focus on improving his hitting feeling by managing his condition well until the campaign. Of course, for KIA, just because Choi Won-joon is discharged does not guarantee his starting position. Lee Woo-sung and Ko Jong-wook are performing well this season, and Lee Chang-jin is also in good health.

Even so, it is certain that the addition of Choi Won-joon will have a great impact on outfield depth and maximizing the scoring power of the other line. In June, as the temperature rises in earnest, it is the time for physical fitness to begin. When Kim Do-young joins the infield following Choi Won-joon and Na Seong-beom, coach Kim Jong-guk’s happy worries begin. Coach Kim said, “From now on, we need to manage injuries well.”

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