‘MVP voting 2nd place → 16th place’ Blageju, who is challenging the 3rd MVP, exploded home runs from the opening of the exhibition game

Toronto Blue Jays Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (24) started the demonstration game with a hot home run.

Guerrero Jr. started as first baseman 3 times in an exhibition game against the Pittsburgh Pirates held at Lecom Park in Bradenton, Florida on the 26th (Korean time) and played an active role with 1 hit in 2 at-bats, 1 home run, 2 RBIs and 1 run. Toronto won 9-7 with the batting line exploding.

Guerrero Jr., who participated in the first demonstration game, aimed for Pittsburgh starting pitcher Mitch Keller’s first pitch sinker at 94.8 miles per hour (152.6 km) in the first inning with one out and first base, but ended up hitting a double stroke.

However, the chance to restore honor came quickly. Guerrero Jr., who came to bat in the fourth inning with no out and first base, with Toronto losing 1-4, lifted an 88.5 mile (142.4 km) slider on the second pitch of Pittsburgh pitcher David Bednar and hit a large two-run home run that went over the left-center wall.

Guerrero Jr., who hit a cool home run, was replaced by Spencer Horwitz in the defense in the 4th inning and finished the game. 바카라

Guerrero Jr., who debuted in the major leagues in 2019, played an active role in 161 games in 2021 with a batting average of 301 (188 hits in 604 at-bats), 48 homers, 111 RBIs, and an OPS of 1.002, and fully developed his potential. He had the possibility of winning the American League MVP, but he was in second place behind Shohei Ohtani (Angels), who had the best season as a pitcher that year.

Guerrero Jr. once again challenged for MVP last season, but recorded a batting average of .274 (175 hits in 638 at-bats), 32 homers, 97 RBIs, and an OPS of .818 in 160 games. Although it achieved good results, it was disappointing compared to 2021. He finished 16th in MVP voting.

Guerrero Jr., who is challenging for MVP again this season, increased his pace by hitting a home run from the first game of the demonstration game. Attention is focusing on what Guerrero Jr., who has successfully started preparing for the season, will show this year.

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