‘Multi on base 1 stolen base’ Kim Ha-seong played the role … but the team lost 2-5

Ha-seong Kim (27, San Diego Padres) succeeded in reaching base in two consecutive games, but the team failed to achieve a winning streak.

Ha-seong Kim started as the 8th hitter and second baseman in an away game against the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) Chicago Cubs held at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois on the 28th (Korean time) and recorded 1 hit, 1 walk and 1 base in 3 at-bats. The batting average for the season rose slightly from 0.215 to 0.220 (18 hits in 82 at-bats).

Hits came out three times. Ha-seong Kim took the lead in the 3rd inning, trailing the Cubs 1-3, and attacked Cubs starter Hayden Wesneski’s fastball with 1 ball and 2 strikes. The fastball was driven into the middle, and Kim Ha-seong did not miss it and connected it with a right-handed hit.

He struggled even after getting on base. Kim Ha-seong also succeeded in stealing second base when Brett Sullivan, the follow-up hitter, created a scoring opportunity. Season 4 record. However, even though he created an opportunity, ㅋㅋㅋ벳 it was not possible to score due to the misfire of the follow-up batters.

Kim Ha-seong, who had been withdrawn with a ground ball to third base in the 4th inning and a floating ball to left field in the 7th inning, played the lead batter in the last attack at the beginning of the 9th inning and picked the ball without being greedy. He picked a walk and completed multiple on-base that day. San Diego, which was trailing 2-5, tried to turn around with a walk by Ha-sung Kim, but it did not lead to a goal as the follow-up hitters failed to maintain the atmosphere.

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