Moon Sun-min’s ‘expressionless serenade to receive the king’ dominates K-League

The K League has become more interesting to watch. This is thanks to the ‘exotic ceremonies’. Young fans have coined a new phrase, “king get” (a neologism that emphasizes being pissed off), to emphasize that they are stimulated by opponent goal celebrations.

Moon Sun-min (31-North Hyundai) is the poster child for the ‘king receiving’ ceremony. Known for his online gaming habit, he has been able to perfectly replicate his in-game celebrations on the field.

At the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 Round 20 match between Jeonbuk and Jeju United on March 1, Moon caught the eye of fans with his hilarious goal celebration. With his team up 1-0 in the 38th minute of the second leg, Moon drove the ball in alone from the back and split the Jeju goal. Soon after, his signature “control tower dance” heated up Jeonju Stadium (nicknamed Jeonju World Cup Stadium).

Moon’s celebration didn’t stop at the control tower as he jumped up and down in front of his home supporters. Afterward, Moon drew a heart for the crowd and started a full-fledged dance party. It was different from what he had done before. He leaned his upper body down and quickly thrust both arms toward the floor, while stomping his feet.

Players of EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 4 will be familiar with this move, which is known as the “muebelo” and is one of the most taunting goal celebrations. It’s a very nasty move, and it’s one of the most popular celebrations for scoring goals and annoying opponents. Naturally, it’s a favorite among players who want to provoke their opponents.

The Jeonbuk fans’ faces lit up with laughter when they realized that they were actually celebrating a goal. Song Min-kyu, his usual goal celebration partner, also laughed as he watched Moon’s dance from the sideline. “Suddenly, I wanted to do that dance (muebelo),” Moon told the media after the game.

In addition to the control tower dance, Moon’s new celebration is part of the Serie A Challenge, a program organized by the Korean Football Association and FIFA Online 4. The Ceremony Challenge is an event where players who perform seven specific ceremonies in a match will receive various benefits, including a donation of 1 million won to a social welfare foundation, a 5 million won dinner for the successful player’s team, and a tentative award for the best ceremony at the end of the season. Moon Sun-min also revealed that he danced to receive rewards such as cash.

An avid user of FIFA Online 4, Moon has mastered the art of celebrating goals in the game. In a 2-0 win over Gwangju FC in March, he drew cheers from the fans with his control tower dance after the “two-armed whip,” which is considered the “king of serenades” in FIFA Online 4. It will be interesting to see if the team will be able to come up with any of the other seven gimmicks listed in the gimmick challenge. 안전놀이터

Moon Sun-min has established himself as one of the K League’s leading ‘ceremony craftsmen’. Fans have become accustomed to seeing him dance with an “expressionless” face after scoring a goal, saying that “dancing is a daily routine for Moon,” and that he is now the king of ceremonies. Jeonbuk fans reacted with relief, saying, “It’s good that Moon Sun-min is on our team.

The opposing team has every right to be upset. Moon usually celebrates on the side of the goal where he scored the goal. Fans watching him dance up close can be either allies or enemies. While there’s nothing malicious about the ritual, it can be a bit much for the opposing team after an early or game-changing goal. Some team supporters actually reacted in kind.

Moon Sun-min has been doing the control tower dance since 2018, when he was playing for Incheon United. He’s been dancing ever since, giving fans something to look forward to. More recently, he’s been performing in-game celebrations to keep fans waiting for the ‘goal’. Clearly, his dancing has given fans of the K League something to look forward to, while also attracting new fans.

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