Messi, who played just 40 minutes, is Inter Miami’s captain…”the best player without a doubt”

Lionel Messi (36, Miami) will wear the captain’s armband.

“It didn’t take long. Lionel Messi will be named Inter Miami’s new captain after just one appearance.”

Inter Miami signed the world’s best soccer player, Lionel Messi, on the 16th of this month and immediately followed it up with Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, who led FC Barcelona in its heyday, to elevate the club’s status.

Miami, which was founded in 2018 and has been in Major League Soccer (MLS) since 2020, is at the bottom of the Eastern Conference this season. They’ve also been in a slump lately, having not won in their last six official matches.

The impact of Messi’s signing was immediate. On Sept. 22, Messi made his debut in a 2-1 win over Cruz Azul in the first leg of their League Cup Group J match at DRV PNK Stadium in Miami, U.S.A. He wore the captain’s armband and came on as a substitute in the ninth minute of the second leg.

Messi took the field to a roar from the fans in the stadium, but Miami conceded in the 20th minute to Uriel Antuna to make it 1-1.

From there, Messi was light on his feet, completing 92 percent of his passes (24-of-26) and five passes into the final third.

In a game that looked like it was going to end 1-1, Miami had the “GOAT” Messi. With a free kick opportunity in front of the penalty arc in second-half stoppage time, Miami sent Messi to kick.

Messi took a light step and delivered a perfect kick that sailed into the top corner of the goal, and the ball left his foot and rattled the net.

“After coming on nine minutes into the second half, Messi played about 40 minutes of second-half stoppage time. Messi would be named Miami’s new captain after just one game, and it would take less than 90 minutes for him to become the new captain.” 스포츠토토

“Miami coach Tata Martino himself said in a press conference that Messi will take over the captain’s armband,” continued, “The current captain of Miami is defensive midfielder Gregoire, but he is currently out with an injury and will be replaced by Messi.

“Messi was never officially named captain of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), but he wore the captain’s armband at FC Barcelona, led Argentina to a World Cup victory as captain, and is undoubtedly Miami’s best player, so it would be no surprise to see him take over,” the outlet added.

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