Meet again in Real Madrid to form a crazy duo? ‘A bold plan’

Shall we meet again at Real Madrid?

On the 13th, sports media ‘SPORT 360’ shed light on the transfer theory, saying, “Will Elling Holland and Jude Bellingham reunite at Real?” and “The Spanish giant has made a bold plan.”

Real has a policy called Galactico. It means the Milky Way, which means that only the best players in the world will be embraced.

Real’s Galactico composition is expected to continue in the upcoming summer transfer window. The targets are Holland and Bellingham.

Haaland joined Manchester City from Dortmund ahead of the season. Expectations were high as he had already dominated Austria and Germany with his tremendous scoring power.

Haaland is showing off the status of a monster striker as soon as he joined Manchester City. Having already scored 28 goals in the English Premier League (EPL), he pressed the reservation button for the top scorer.

Real is a situation where Haaland was pushing for a scout even before Man City transfer, so this time it is a will to have it.

Another target for Real is England’s rising star Bellingham. He is active as a key resource for Dortmund. 토토사이트

In particular, at the Qatar World Cup, he made a good impression by showing off his brilliant appearance in the scoring operation, coordination of the midfield, linkage, and passing.

Real Madrid are known to have met and negotiated with his father, who works as an agent in London, to sign Bellingham.

Haaland and Bellingham have already teamed up while eating one pot rice in Dortmund. Will they reunite at Real Madrid and form a crazy duo?

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