‘Master of Negotiation’ Barcelona general manager → EPL transfer…”First thing to do? Recruit Lee Kang-in”

If general manager Matteu Alemani heads to Aston Villa, he must first recruit Lee Kang-in.

Barcelona said on the club website on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time), “Director Allemani said that the contract is until 2024, but he wants to go on a new path to President Juan Laporta. In doing so, he will help Barcelona during the summer transfer window.

Director Alemani is a person who has achieved a lot of success on the Spanish stage. He has been a prominent figure in Mallorca since 1990 as he has led Mallorca, rising to the club’s presidency. It was Director Alemani’s merit that made Mallorca’s heyday in the early 2000s.

After that, Alemani headed to Valencia in 2017. At the time, Valencia was far from threatening Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but Alemani quickly normalized the team. He brought in manager Marcelino to lead Valencia back to 4th place. Despite financial limitations, he successfully led the team rebuilding.

Based on his career at this time, Alemani was appointed to Barcelona. Alemani played a big role in bringing Barcelona, ​​which was suffering a financial crisis more than Valencia, closer to winning the league again by recruiting free agents.

But now, Alemani heads to the Premier League (EPL). European transfer expert journalist Fabricio Romano said, “Alemani will go to Aston Villa to work with manager Unai Emery. Villa have made an approach. The most likely destination.” 토토사이트

When Alemani took office at Villa, the first thing he had to do was recruit Lee Kang-in. Spain’s Diario de Mallorca said on the 3rd, “One of the first tasks that Alemani has to lead is negotiating with Mallorca to sign Lee Kang-in. Aston Villa, led by manager Unai Emery, is a team that wants to sign Lee Kang-in. It is one of them. Alemani worked with Lee Kang-in in Valencia.”

Lee Kang-in, who is currently being watched by European big clubs such as Atletico Madrid and Tottenham, is also receiving interest from Villa. Compared to Atletico or Tottenham, the attractiveness that Villa can have is not great, so Alemani’s negotiating ability has become important. Because Alemani has watched Lee Kang-in’s growth in Valencia, there are some areas where he can have an advantage in negotiations.

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