Manchester City defender who took off his pants and was indecently drunk, could face up to two years in prison

Manchester City (hereafter Man City) defender Kyle Walker was indecent in a pub in downtown Manchester.

According to Britain’s ‘The Sun’ on the 8th (local time), Walker visited a bar with his friend and two women on the afternoon of the 5th. None of the women were Walker’s wife.

Man City won 2-0 in the 26th round of the English Premier League against Newcastle United on the 4th. Manager Pep Guardiola had given the squad a two-day vacation as there were no matches scheduled during the week. 세븐 토토

Walker went to a bar with his friends, but was already drunk. He touched the body part of one of his companions at his bar and took off his pants and showed them to the two companions. Even after that, Walker hugged a woman or exposed his important parts.

Walker’s party stayed at the bar for about an hour before leaving. The bill came to £250, but the drunk Walker had forgotten his bill and was about to leave, only to pay and leave when the bar clerk called. All of this was captured on the CCTV installed in the bar.

In the UK, if you intentionally expose your important parts to cause discomfort or pain to the other person, it is prosecuted for forced indecent assault. If convicted, they face up to two years in prison or a fine. Local police said, “It is in the early stages of the investigation and no arrests have been made.”

Walker, who was indecent, participated in Manchester City’s team training, which resumed on the 8th. 

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