Maesancho’s rookie’s ambitious goal “I want to become a player who knows everyone just by hearing his name”

“I want to grow into a player who knows everyone’s name in elementary basketball.”

On the 22nd, Maesancho defeated Bibongcho 81-50 in the first day of the 22nd Korea Basketball Association President’s National Elementary Basketball Championship Men’s Elementary Finals Tournament held at Gimcheon Gymnasium, and won two consecutive wins, including the group stage, to reach the quarterfinals. settled down

All 12 players on the roster for Maesancho, including Kim Hyun-woo (18 points, 5 rebounds) and Kim Hyun-jun (12 points, 11 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals), all scored. In terms of scoring alone, Kim Hyun-woo and Kim Hyun-joon scored the most goals, but there is a pillar that supported the two players. He is a rookie in 6th grade (161cm, G).

Rookie Bum recorded 10 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals in 20 minutes and 11 seconds. Rebound was the highest among all players in the game.

After winning the day, Rookie In-beom said, “I am happy to advance to the quarterfinals. All of the team members did well, and all of them scored and won, so it is even more meaningful.”

As shown in the record sheet, the rookie showed his presence in various items such as points, rebounds, assists, and steals. Rookie In-beom said, “When he first started playing basketball, he liked to score points, such as breaking through and shooting. He is now into the fun of rebounding and passing. He wants to become a player who stands out in various parts,” he said.

Maesancho, who advanced to the quarterfinals, will compete with Gyeonggi Seongnamcho at 5:20 pm on the 23rd for the quarterfinals. To go to the championship, you have to cross the big ‘gate’ of Gyeonggi Seongnam Elementary School, a strong player in tradition. However, Rookie In-beom is aiming his blade at Songjeong Elementary School, not Gyeonggi Seongnam Elementary School. Previously, Maesancho was defeated by Songjeongcho by 33 points in the Group A preliminary match.

Rookie In-beom, full of vengeance toward Song Jeong-cho, said, “We lost a lot to Song Jeong-cho in the preliminaries, so the team morale went down. It was the first time I faced Song Jeong-cho, so I was a bit nervous. Now that I have understood Song Jeong-cho’s characteristics to some extent, I am confident that she will win if we face each other again.”

Then, when asked what points need to be supplemented in order to succeed in revenge against Song Jeong-cho, he said, “The guards and big men do their respective roles well. In the front line, you have to block shots, and in the back line, you have to fight a lot and allow a minimum score under the goal to have a chance.” 먹튀검증

Rookie Beom is a basketball family. He is the son of a Korean Basketball League (KBL) prodigy referee Han. Thanks to him, he was used to playing with a ball from a young age. However, his starting point was football.

Shin In-beom said, “I used to enjoy soccer until the third grade, but when my older brother (Shin Yoo-beom), who is a member of the basketball team at Samil Middle School, started playing basketball, I switched to basketball following him.” It has the advantage of being able to do a lot of things,” he explained the background of switching to basketball.

Rookie In-beom, who dreams of becoming a professional player following his father, had Kim Seon-hyung (SK) as his role model. He said, “Seonhyeong Kim’s brilliant play is wonderful. He has excellent passing skills these days,” he said. He wants to be taller than his father (190cm).”

Finally, when asked about the goal of this tournament, Rookie In-beom said, “As a team, of course, I want to win, and personally, I want to achieve a triple double. And I want to grow into a player who knows everyone just by hearing his name in elementary basketball.”

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