Lotte, KS and the last No. 1 disappeared… Is the 8 billion FA hostess stepping up to solve the problem?

Lotte’s last Korean Series championship was in 1992. The last advance to the Korean Series also stopped in 1999.

In 1999, when Lotte was an extremely tough player, he was able to succeed in advancing into the Korean Series by building a solid mound such as Joo Hyung-gwang, Moon Dong-hwan, Park Seok-jin, Yeom Jong-seok, Kang Sang-soo, and Emiliano Giron, while having a fearsome batting line leading to Park Jeong-tae, Felix Jose, and Ma Hae-young. there was.

At the time, Lotte’s team ERA was 4.18, ranking first among eight teams. Even now, Lotte’s last team’s ERA remains at the top of the record. Since then, Lotte has marked second place in this category four times with a team ERA of 4.02 in 2000, 3.64 in 2008, 3.48 in 2012, and 3.93 in 2013, but there was no relationship with the first place.

In order for Lotte to go to fall baseball this year, the mound is desperately needed. Attention is focusing on whether the master of the house, who has been with the team’s ERA for the second consecutive year, will be able to gain wings as he joins. After the last season, Lotte signed catcher Yoo Kang-nam in the FA market for 4 years and a total of 8 billion won. 메이저사이트

Yoo Kang-nam is the main character who achieved ‘harmony’ with LG’s pitching staff, who ranked first in ERA for two consecutive years. Last year, Yoo Gang-nam, who played 1008⅓ innings, the most for a catcher, held out at home, and LG pitchers were able to continue pitching stably amid familiar battery breathing. The catcher’s ERA was also topped for two consecutive years by Yoo Kang-nam.

Kang-Nam Yoo also expressed his attachment, saying, “In defense, I am proud to have ranked first in the team’s ERA and catcher’s ERA for two consecutive years.” Of course, one catcher alone cannot lead the team in ERA. However, meeting a catcher with know-how is definitely a positive factor.

In fact, Lotte’s team average ERA last year was 4.45, ranking 9th. Right now, it seems unrealistic to raise the team’s ERA to first place this year. However, it is interesting to note that even in 1999, when Lotte ranked first in team ERA, it was the result of overturning the nightmare of 1998, when both team performance and team ERA were at the bottom. There are many fast-paced players and Lotte pitching staff with infinite potential for development, and the meeting of the new homemaker with the team’s ERA for the second consecutive year raises expectations.

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