Littbarski, a legend of the Cha-boom era, “There are about three Korean prospects worth taking to Wolfsburg.”

German soccer legend Pierre Littbarski, who was playing in the German Bundesliga under Cha Bum-geun, former coach of the Korean national soccer team, saw the potential of Korean youth.

At the end of last year, Littbarski came to Korea to participate in the first VfL Wolfsburg soccer camp held in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea for about 10 days. Held under the auspices of Korea’s official partner International Sports Exchange Association (ISEA), this camp was conducted to nurture Korean youth (U12, U15, U18) and soccer leaders, and advance into the German professional league. Former German national football team legend and current Wolfsburg scout Pierre Littbarski and senior coaches came to Korea to 먹튀검증 scout players and discover domestic prospects.

Littbarski, who was on his second visit to Korea after 2017, seemed to be very impressed even though his time teaching Korean youth was not long. In an interview with <Best Eleven> at the Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, Littbarski said, “It was a very interesting experience.” The reason is that he discovered sprouts of very good qualities in each grade. He said that he saw many talented Korean players in 2017 as well, and this time too.

Litbarski said that when he first saw Korean youth players, he thought they were only good at tricks, but he realized that they were really talented in soccer, scoring goals well. So he said he was very surprised. He expressed the impression he received from youth guidance, saying that he loves football so much and is really sincere about football, and that there are many children who play football of, for, and by football.

So <b11> asked again. Have you discovered the talents you want to nurture by taking them to Wolfsburg, a prestigious German Bundesliga team, in Korea? Littbarski answered “yes” without waiting a moment. He said he was interested in about three of his friends, around the age of 17. About three of them mentioned that they would like to train and invite them to Wolfsburg for about three weeks to experiment.

He said he didn’t know his name right away, but he even thought of bringing him in if he passed the test. When asked what the three of them liked, he replied, “They are very good technically as well as fast passes.

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