Kiwoom, sent by Han Hyun-hee, nominated Lee Kang-joon without hesitation “I am confident that I will catch the future selection material”

Kiwoom Heroes nominated Lee Kang-jun (22) as a free agent compensation player for Han Hyun-hee (30), who signed a contract with the Lotte Giants.

On the 20th, Kiwoom designated pitching prospect Lee Kang-joon as a compensation player for Han Hyun-hee, who transferred to Lotte. Lee Kang-jun is a right-handed sidearm pitcher with a solid physique of 180cm and 80kg.”

Lee Kang-jun, who joined KT after being nominated in the 2nd 3rd round (22nd place) in the 2020 rookie draft, came to Lotte as a trade in 2021. He recorded an average ERA of 9.51 with 1 win and 1 hold in 32 games (23⅔ innings) in his career.

Koh Hyung-wook, general manager of Kiwoom, welcomed the nomination of Lee Kang-joon, saying, “It took less than an hour to decide the FA compensation player.” “When Han Hyun-hee signed a free agent contract, he had selected a list of players he wanted in advance. I was thinking of appointing these players when they came out, but when I received the list, it was easy to decide because this player was out of the list of protected players.”

General Manager Ko Hyeong-wook said, 카지노사이트 “I’ve been watching pitching since high school.” Han Hyeon-hee has a fast ball but a neat ball, while Lee Kang-jun has a fast ball and great movement. Moreover, if he throws 100 pitches, all 100 pitches do not change his velocity. He is a pitcher with good stamina. He highly evaluated Lee Kang-jun, saying, “He is a promising player who can grow as a starting pitcher in the future.”

Lee Kang-joon has yet to achieve much in the first team. However, general manager Koh Hyeong-wook said, “There are still parts where the first ball goes back and forth. However, from my point of view, among pitchers with fast balls, there are pitchers who can catch the ball and there are pitchers who can not. I see Lee Kang-jun as a pitcher who can catch his first pitch,” he said, confident of Lee Kang-jun’s growth.

Lee Kang-joon, who departed for Guam that day as part of the Lotte Spring Camp squad, plans to return to Korea as soon as possible to prepare for his military enlistment. General Manager Ko Hyeong-wook said, “Lee Kang-joon will return to Korea tomorrow and say hello to the team. Since he is scheduled to enlist in Sangmu after that, we will set up a schedule that suits him. When he goes to Commerce and gains experience, he expects his growth to be faster.”

General manager Ko Hyeong-wook said, “In a way, you can see him as a pitcher with a higher ceiling (maximum expectation) than Han Hyun-hee. He is a pitcher who will grow significantly if only his first pitch is caught.” Fans are highly anticipating whether Lee Kang-joon will be able to replace Han Hyun-hee, who left for Lotte, as Kiwoom’s signature sidearm pitcher.

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