Kim Do-young, who went to Japan on crutches, returns on foot… Na Seong-beom is also effective in intensive treatment, hopes for an early return

Will they return early?

Na Seong-beom (34) and Kim Do-yeong (20), two KIA hitters who are leaving due to injuries, will return to Korea on the 23rd after intensive treatment in Japan. He left for Japan on the 16th and received intensive treatment twice a day at Ijima Rehabilitation Center in Yokohama.

Na Seong-beom received 8 weeks of rehabilitation due to microscopic damage to his left calf muscle, and Kim Do-young received up to 16 weeks of rehabilitation due to a left metatarsal fracture. What is encouraging is that the effect of intensive treatment is striking. 

According to a KIA official, Kim Do-young, who went to Japan with crutches, has improved enough to be able to walk without crutches. He said that Na Seong-beom is also getting better quickly. 먹튀검증

The two players are expected to return to Korea and undergo a re-examination. Depending on the results of the reexamination, the rehabilitation period may be shortened. The initial rehabilitation period was calculated as conservatively as possible. If the condition improves quickly, the return can be as fast as that.

Currently, Na Seong-beom is expected to return in early June and Kim Do-young in early July. Of course, it is not a plan to forcefully return early. First of all, you have to go through the process of making a body, going through actual combat, and then returning. 

It was a fatal injury for KIA. Na Seong-beom was the center hitter and a solver, and Kim Do-young was a chance maker with gong-suju. With the two players missing, the batting line was greatly loosened.  

It is acting as a reason for running at the bottom of the score since the opening. In the end, the two players must return to normalize their power and rebound. Because of this, the point of return is emerging as a matter of utmost concern. Therefore, the results of the re-examination are noteworthy. 

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