“Keep an eye on Park Hae-min and Jung Soo-bin,” says rookie infielder who cracked Hanwha’s outfield

Hanwha Eagles rookie Hyun-bin Moon reflects on the first half of his rookie season.

Moon was selected by Hanwha with the 11th overall pick in the second round of the 2023 KBO Draft. He was an infielder in the amateur ranks, but head coach Carlos Subero recognized his hitting talent and tried him out in the outfield, where there was no room for him.

It was an unfamiliar position, but Moon took advantage of the opportunity he was given. He has adjusted to the position to a certain extent and is no longer awkward to watch. In 75 games, he had 58 hits (3 home runs), 26 RBIs, 19 runs scored, and a batting average of .249. “He’s 20 years old and it’s his first season, but he’s doing a great job,” Choi Won-ho said with a smile. Here’s a one-on-one with Moon Hyun-bin.

-How do you feel about the first half of the season?
I would say that I did well to finish without getting injured and not going to the second team once. Apart from the record, it wasn’t easy for my first year, but it was good to stay in the first team and play until the last game of the first half.

-What did you think went wrong?
I think I struggled a lot mentally and technically in the beginning. I definitely struggled a lot there.

-I didn’t feel like I had a mental game at all.
I think I was very passive. I was always too conscious of the result. I think I was too greedy and that’s why I fell further down. I think the period was a little longer than I thought, even though I could have gotten out faster.

-If there was a good part and a different regret.
It was good that I kept playing. I didn’t make any major errors in the outfield defense, but I was a little immature in the basics that I should have done better.

-It’s my first time playing the outfield, so I should be able to do better.
▲You might think so, but I think it’s an excuse to say, “I was an infielder,” because I’m representing the team.

-I don’t think I ever thought I’d be playing center field. What do you think about when you’re in the outfield?
I think I’ve been very lucky. When I’m in the outfield, I watch a lot of hitters and how they react to the pitcher’s pitches.

-Do you study or seek advice on outfield defense?
I didn’t used to do that, but during practice and games, I watched LG’s Park Hae-min and Doosan’s Jeong Soo-bin, who are good in the middle infield, and that changed a lot. Even if I’m attacking, I see how they catch the ball when it comes up. 먹튀검증

-How has he adjusted to the outfield?
I think I have a lot more confidence now. I feel like I have a lot more confidence in the outfield now.

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