K-League frightening ‘young blood’ hits the box office

Scary children, the ‘young blood’ of K-League 1, are emerging as the protagonists of the early box office sensation.

As of the 17th, among the 20th place in the K-League 1 scoring rankings, excluding 10 foreign players, there are five new domestic players aged 22 to 24, including Ko Young-jun (22, Pohang Steelers). Many teams this season prefer offensive soccer and fun soccer over defense, and it is evaluated that the incentive measures of the Pro Football Federation, such as increasing the number of replacements when starting players under the age of 22, are showing their effectiveness.

Koh Young-Jun, who plays the main role in the under-23 national team, is flying as a representative prospect, scoring 5 goals in 13 K-League games this season. In a recent game against Daejeon Hana Citizen, he scored a last-minute theatrical goal to win 3-2. Lee Ho-jae (23) of the same team is also one of the younger ones, and despite ups and downs in playing time, he is doing his part, scoring 3 goals.

Ko Jae-hyeon (24) of Daegu FC, Seo Jin-soo (23) of Jeju United, and Cheon Seong-hun (23) of Incheon United are also outstanding young blood players. Ko Jae-hyeon, who boasts an animal positioning ability, is active as a reliable goal scorer with 4 goals in 13 games, and Seo Jin-soo, who returned from Sangmu, recently rose to 7th place (4 goals) with a multi-goal firecracker against Suwon FC.

After joining Incheon in 2019, Cheon Seong-hun went straight to the German football stage and played for Augsburg in the second division. He returned this season and scored a debut goal and an additional goal in the 8th round match against Suwon FC with a sensational ball touch and provisional rights. With 3 goals in 4 matches (14th in scoring), he is on a winning streak.

In addition, Hwang Jae-hwan (22) of Ulsan Hyundai scored multiple goals in the match against Daegu FC in the 11th round, proving his nickname of ‘baby tiger’, and Daejeon’s midfielder Jeon Byung-gwan (21) also scored 2 goals with a mid-range shot in a recent match against Pohang. He scored two goals in 10 games, including scoring consecutive goals. FC Seoul’s Kim Shin-jin (22, 8 games, 1 goal) is also impressive, and Gangwon FC’s Yang Hyeon-jun (21), Ulsan’s Um Won-sang (24), and Gwangju’s Um Ji-seong (21) are also showing formidable firepower. It’s about to blow out. 안전놀이터

The crowd is enthusiastically responding as they demonstrate quick breakthroughs in the attack and midfield areas, sensuous ball touch, powerful shooting, and depressurization. At the end of the 13th round of the season, the average spectator in the K League 1 was 10,159, and FC Seoul gathered an average of 27,532 spectators, overlapping with the’Lim Young-woong Sichuk Effect’. Coach Hong Myung-bo’s Ulsan is mobilizing an average of 16,943 people, and Daejeon, a promoted team, is mobilizing 13,593 people.

Commentator Kim Dae-gil said, “The system for players under the age of 22 has the same personality as both sides of the same coin, but it is clearly helping the growth of young people in the K-League. The K-League teams play aggressively rather than lock (defense), and as the crowd gathers, young players with aspirations seem to be more energized.”

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