Joining the ‘catcher the pitcher is looking for’, colleagues are also looking forward to it… Will the Lotte mound change?

“I will become the catcher that the pitcher is looking for.”

This is the aspiration revealed by Yoo Kang-nam (31), a free agent transfer student to the Lotte Giants. It was engraved in his heart from the time he wore a catcher’s mask in his childhood. Playing as the main catcher for his previous team, the LG Twins, he worked with many pitchers and grew up with them. Kangnam Yoo, now a Giantsman, draws a bright future with Lotte pitchers.

In the meantime, Lotte did not have the resources to be called the main catcher. This is the reason why Kangnam Yoo was recruited by investing a total of 8 billion won over four years this winter. Kangnam Yoo not only boasts league-class framing, but also has good blocking ability. He is evaluated as a catcher who creates an environment where pitchers can throw the ball comfortably.

Yoo Kang-nam started a new start. He is preparing for the season with extraordinary determination. He expressed confidence, saying, “I try to understand each other while receiving the ball from the pitchers. I will become a catcher that the players find me and trust. I will work hard. I prepared well this winter. I worked out steadily. I am looking forward to this season.” 안전놀이터

Pitchers also expect the effect of recruiting Yoo Kang-nam. Koo Seung-min, the pitching team leader, said, “Yoo Kang-nam was on the opposing team, but I carefully watched the framing and ball combination. I think it will be really reassuring if we get to know each other well. We will work well together. I wonder how much I can raise my forkball. “I drew a picture of him going to the ground with Yoo Kang-nam.

Park Se-woong and Kim Won-joong are also the same. Park Se-woong said, “Yoo Kang-nam is a very good catcher. I am also looking forward to it. I need a process to get to know each other. I will talk a lot with each other and figure out the pros and cons.” I was looking forward to seeing them work together.

He is determined to increase the stealing rate, which is pointed out as a weakness. Gangnam Yoo’s stealing rate was 0.256 in 2020, 0.230 in 2021, and 0.173 in 2022, drawing a downward curve every year. Yoo Kang-nam raised his voice, saying, “It is true that the rate of interception of stolen bases has fallen. It is a catcher’s record, but it cannot be raised only by the catcher’s strength. I will do my best to raise the record in unison with the pitcher.”

With Yoo Kang-nam’s joining, Lotte pitchers will be greeted with strong reinforcements. Lotte’s pitching staff ranked 9th in ERA (4.47) and 8th in WHIP (1.46 on-base per inning) last year. It performed poorly in various indicators. Attention is focusing on whether the Lotte mound will change with Yoo Kang-nam.

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