In the evaluation of Kim Tae-kyun’s “Ohtani humility”, Yoon Seok-min said, “Are you a fan?”

2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) commentators Kim Tae-gyun and Yoon Seok-min predicted the performance of the Korean baseball team.

Kim Tae-gyun and Yoon Seok-min, who joined as KBS baseball commentators, appeared in Kim Gu-ra’s ‘Gura-cheol Season 3’ and devastated the studio with national-level talk.

What interests baseball fans is the prospect for the 2023 WBC.

Yoon Seok-min predicted good performance, saying, “I think the grouping has gone well” with Korea, which has been in a group with China, the Czech Republic, Australia and Japan.

However, Kim Gu-ra couldn’t help but worry about Japan, which is aiming for the championship with the self-proclaimed ‘strongest power’, saying, “I feel stuffy when I think of Japan.”

In response, Kim Tae-kyun, who recalled Ichiro Suzuchi, who was Japan’s past ace but was also famous for making ‘absurd remarks’, said, “If you face me, you will fail.” ) was highly evaluated, saying, “He was even humble.” 바카라

Yoon Seok-min asked mischievously, “Are you a fan of Ohtani?”, and Kim Tae-gyun joked, “If you play baseball well, you’re my brother,” and laughed.

Kim Gu-ra ordered the two to predict the final score of the WBC and the specific score of the Korea-Japan match.

Kim Tae-gyun said, “If the atmosphere is good, the semifinals are possible.” Yoon Seok-min also predicted, “If we win over Japan dramatically, we can achieve good results.”

Afterwards, the two predicted the score of the Korea-Japan match, and Kim Gu-ra gave them a lie detector that gave them an electric shock if it turned out to be ‘false’.

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