I threw my whole body to save the outgoing ball… ‘Suwon’s thrilling start’ Jung Seung-won’s desperate fight: “It’s heartwarming to see the fans”

There was a momentary pause as players from both teams thought the ball would go out of bounds. But Suwon’s No. 10, Jung Seung-won (26), refused to give up and ran all the way to save the ball. He threw his whole body into a sliding cross, and his teammate Jeon Jin-woo scored the winning goal.
It was an emotional first home win that touched the hearts of Suwon fans. Jung Seung-won started the home match against Ulsan Hyundai at Suwon World Cup Stadium on July 15 and set the stage for Jeon Jin-woo’s first goal in the 39th minute. Teammate Kazuki’s pass was a little long, but Seung-won was able to slide in a cross just before the ball crossed the line. Ulsan goalkeeper Cho Hyun-woo rushed to get a hand to the ball. However, it didn’t go far. It was headed home by Jeon Jin-woo in front of the goal.

With the momentum in their favor, Suwon made a big move. After Jeon Jin-woo’s first goal, Mullich and Kim Joo-chan scored a storm of goals to take down leader Ulsan 3-1. With the win, Suwon ended a winless streak that lasted more than two months. It was their first win in 10 games. It was also their first win at home this year.

“It was very emotional to win and see the fans,” said Jung Seung-won. Even after the game, I saw a lot of them in the stands. I clapped and greeted them. I felt sorry for them,” he said, smiling, “I think they will like us more if we continue to play well and show them good games.”

He was confident that he could do it. “I felt good before the match,” said Jung Seung-won, “I tried to be relaxed, so the pressure dropped. I think my original self came out a lot. It was definitely a team effort. We need to continue to play like we did against Ulsan. I think we need to show more good form. Coach Kim Byung-soo ordered us to break through strongly when we get the ball from the side and release the game,” he said, citing the driving force behind his dedicated play.

Jeong Seung-won’s cross was not recorded as an assist as it hit Cho Hyun-woo’s hand. In terms of personal records, 안전놀이터 there were some disappointments. In particular, Jung Seung-won has played 15 league games this year, but has yet to score an offensive point. He had a slow start to the season. However, he has recently picked up his game and is helping the team rise. “Everyone is greedy for individual attack points,” says Jung. But the team is in a tough situation. I’m greedy, but team victory comes first. I think it would be better if I can score offensive points for the team to win, and I will play with that mindset,” he said.

Despite facing the league’s strongest team, Ulsan, the Suwon players were fearless in their play. Even with a one-goal lead, they didn’t defend it, but rather pushed forward. “I think it was the most organized game we’ve played this year,” said Jung Seung-won. “We’ve been doing a lot of organized training, but it didn’t come out well on the field. Against Ulsan, the players talked to each other a lot, and the pressure was good on defense. We didn’t let them get the ball easily, and our forwards ran more to create counterattacks. The buildup was also good. We realized that Ulsan was struggling.

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