How long will the KFA pay to watch Klinsmann ‘play legend’?

It’s a “new world,” but the Korean Football Association (KFA) is virtually hands-off. Despite numerous warnings, it has done nothing.

Jürgen Klinsmann’s ‘legendary play’ is beyond common sense and outrageous. Even before the game, he unabashedly bragged about asking Wales captain Aaron Ramsey (Cardiff City) for a jersey for his son. At least there’s a certain amount of “decency” in being a manager. Europe is no different. If anything, it’s more conservative.

What’s even more surprising. It’s the A-match period. He is eating the rust of Korean soccer. The A-match period is a time when you have to give your all to the national team. However, Klinsmann also tried to have an affair during this time. On Oct. 10, he was torn between playing in a charity match between Bayern Munich and Chelsea.

His name was on the roster for the game. In the end, he didn’t go, but he insisted like a child until the last minute, saying, “It’s a charity game, so why not?

It was way out of line. He completely forgot his duty. If he was a domestic coach, he would already be ‘suspended’. The KFA probably wouldn’t have let him get away with it. But he still doesn’t recognize the seriousness of the situation.

The effects of ‘working from home’ are already showing. National teams are short of breath. They can only call up players at times set by FIFA. This year, it’s March, June, September, October, and November. So it’s tough. You also need patience. To get the best synergy in a short period of time, you need to know your players and have all your plans in place.

But there are also players who are picked without seeing them in person. You’ve only seen them in one or two games, and when you try to use them in the national team, they don’t fit. If you put a central player on the flanks, a defender on the attack, or a player who isn’t even good enough to play for his club, you’re bound to get colorless results. On the field, his struggles are not evident at all.

The three draws and two defeats since Klinsmann took over are no coincidence, and there are concerns that he is using the vacancy as a de facto ‘vacation’. Hence the controversy over the unfulfilled promise of an “in-country” coach.

A bigger problem than Klinsmann is the KFA. National Strength and Conditioning Commissioner Michael Mueller, who is supposed to be clearing the traffic in practice, is not well known. There is also a lack of communication with Klinsmann. 온라인카지노

Klinsmann met with Sports Chosun in London, England on the 10th, and he said that no one had ever told him that about the domestic scene. He also hoped to talk to K League coaches, but it didn’t happen. He said he didn’t even know about the ‘military service obligation’ when he was recruited by the Hangzhou Asian Games team.

He said his job is 90% KFA and 10% other work. He casually explained that his bi-weekly interviews with American media outlet ESPN, FIFA and UEFA were commitments. How did the KFA sign Klinsmann?

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