Hong Myung-bo’s happy worries? Ulsan’s No.3 striker is also coming

Hong Myung-bo, coach of the professional football Ulsan Hyundai, is the envy of other clubs this year.

He is talking about a solid player base, not an overwhelming lead. In Ulsan, the number of players registered in the Professional Football Federation is the minimum of 31 players in 12 clubs, but all of these players are capable of playing the game.

In fact, 28 out of 31 Ulsan players have played at least one game. This is surprising given the two backup goalkeepers who cannot get a chance to play unless they are seriously injured.

Director Hong also has concerns. Since there is a lot of power available, it is not easy to evenly distribute opportunities to these players. Unlike previous years, the Asian Champions League (ACL) opens in August, so it is difficult to find matches during the week. At the same time as providing opportunities for selection based on objective standards recognized by players, it is also necessary to consider how to prevent fixation on the bench.

This is the reason why coach Hong recently gave Martin Adam, who was dissatisfied through his agent during the A-match period, an increased frequency of selection opportunities.

Director Hong’s worries are expected to deepen this summer. In a situation where Min-gyu Joo and Adam are fiercely competing for selection, even a third striker has been announced to join.

Kim Ji-hyeon (28, Gimcheon), who temporarily took off her Ulsan uniform for military service, will be discharged on June 26. Considering the last month of vacation, you can actually join Ulsan training from the end of this month. Kim Ji-hyun left a regret of only 3 goals and 3 assists in 2021, the first year he joined Ulsan, so he is promising a different result this time. Although Kim Ji-hyun is in the second division, which is one step below this year, the fact that he is not bad with 3 goals and 1 assist in 11 games is a part that predicts fierce competition. 먹튀검증

Inside Ulsan, there is an expectation that Joo Min-gyu, Adam, and Kim Ji-hyun will do their part in different colors. An official from Ulsan said, “Jumin-gyu took the starting position first with his sharp goal-making ability and linked play as a weapon.” I believe he will lead.”

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