Gwangju MF Lee Hee-kyun’s confidence “Incheon game is full of good energy”

Gwangju FC midfielder Lee Hee-kyun is showing his will to show off his temperament, which was particularly strong in Incheon, ahead of the match against Incheon United.

Gwangju, to which Lee Hee-kyun belongs, will play an away game against Incheon in the 14th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023, which took place at the Incheon soccer stadium at 4:30 pm on the 20th. Prior to this match, Lee Hee-kyun showed his will to win the match against Incheon through the club’s press release.

Lee Hee-kyun said, “I prepare for all games with the same mindset, but Incheon is a little more special to me. It has a uniquely good energy. If you play the game with strong confidence rather than arrogance, good results will come.” 메이저놀이터

There is a reason Lee Hee-kyun is so confident. Lee Hee-kyun, who has been in his 5th year as a professional this year, scored his professional debut goal against Incheon. In the 7th round of the 2021 season against Imcheon at home, the team won with a last-minute “theatrical goal”, and this victory was the first victory in Gwangju’s opening of the Gwangju Soccer Stadium. He also scored a goal against Incheon in the 4th round and contributed to the team’s 5-0 victory. Especially when you meet Incheon, you show a fluttering figure.

On the other hand, Lee Hee-gyun raised his voice about the situation in Gwangju, which is experiencing difficulties recently, saying, “We need to come together even more.” Lee Hee-kyun said, “All players are aware of how important this Incheon expedition is. We will work harder. We will bring victory and repay the fans.”

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