“Exhausted Kim Min-jae, hard work before two useless evaluations” 伊 Journalists Concern

The question was raised whether Kim Min-jae (27, SSC Napoli) needed to play in an A-match in March.

According to Italy’s ‘Calcio Napoli 1926’ on the 4th (Korean time), journalist Fabio Mandarini appeared in ‘La Citta del Palone’ of Italy’s ‘Radio Kisskis’ and mentioned Kim Min-jae, drawing attention. It was the content that Kim Min-jae complained of mental and physical problems before heading to Korea for an A match in March. 

Kim Min-jae said in an interview after the friendly match A match against Uruguay, which was defeated 1-2 at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th of last month, “It’s a bit difficult. I’m mentally broken. I think I need to focus on my team first, not for the time being. It’s not because of it) It’s hard soccer and physically. I want to do my best in my team rather than the national team.”

However, Kim Min-jae said on his social media the next day, “The meaning of hardship was misrepresented.” I wanted to tell you that the pressure of the team, the responsibility to always do well, and the disappointment when I conceded as a defender were difficult.”

“I am receiving a lot of love, and I am well aware that I am a blessed player, and I think it is a part that I have to overcome,” he said. I would like to apologize once again to the fans and players who must have been disappointed.” 메이저사이트

And on the 3rd, Kim Min-jae continued to start in the Serie A home game against AC Milan, which was the first game he had after returning to Naples. However, Napoli lost 0-4, and Kim Min-jae committed a pass miss, which was the reason for the opening goal, and was replaced with a performance that was not typical of an ‘iron pillar’. He looked less confident than usual and looked tired.

“I found out something through Korean sources,” said Mandarini. It was difficult for him. Kim Min-jae told the Korea Football Association that way,” he emphasized. 

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