“Don’t ride the board!” ↔ “Then don’t go!”…Barsa star who kicked Real ‘absurd contract terms’

An anecdote has been revealed about Roberto Lewandowski, who is currently playing for Barcelona, ​​until he signed a contract with Real Madrid. However, Lewandowski reportedly refused to go to Madrid because of ‘strange contract terms’.

According to the report by The Sun, Real Madrid was actively involved in the signing of Lewandowski, but it is said that various prohibitions were put forward together.

dating back to 2013. I am 34 years old this year, so it was when I was 24 years old and really 10 years old. Lewandowski’s contract with Borussia Dortmund was about to expire. So, Real Madrid tried to recruit him from various angles and went to the brink of success. It was a situation where the contract was presented.

It was a coveted situation for everyone because he was Lewandowski, who showed off his attacking instincts at Dortmund, and his contract was on the verge of expiring. Real Madrid offered £166,000 per share and £10m down payment at a price ten years ago. £166,000 a share was a staggering amount even at the time.

However, there was also a ‘prohibited clause’ with the contract. The prohibitions that Lewandowski saw varied. When he joined Real Madrid, Lewandowski was prohibited from skiing, paragliding, mountain climbing, motorboating, and motorcycles. In simple terms, dangerous leisure sports are completely banned.

Upon seeing this, Lewandowski said he did not sign with Real Madrid. It is not clear whether this clause had a decisive effect, but Lewandowski eventually signed a contract with Bayern Munich, not Real Madrid. 카지노사이트

Lewandowski scored 344 goals in 375 matches during his 8-year spell at Bayern Munich. He also won the Champions League.

And after being free again last year, Lewandowski wore the shirt of rivals Barcelona, ​​not Real Madrid this time. He is twice watered down for Real Madrid.

Lewandowski, who joined Barcelona, ​​scored 27 goals this season, continuing his striker instincts. Would Real Madrid’s history have changed if there hadn’t been a ban 10 years ago?

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