‘Deducted 15 points’ Juventus coach “I will stay at the club unless told to leave”

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri held his first press conference after the point cut.

Juventus will play the 2022/23 Serie A round 19 home match against Atalanta at 4:45 am (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) on the 23rd. Coach Allegri attended the pre-press conference on the 21st. Early in the morning of the same day, the Italian Football Association issued a 15-point reduction in Juventus’ account fraud. Therefore, at the press conference on this day, questions about the point reduction were mainly raised.

Allegri said: “I am the manager of Juventus. Unless the club tells me to leave, I will stay at Juventus. It’s a difficult time, but we have to stay in a good situation and do our part. When things are good, 바카라사이트 we will all be fine.” said. “The pain of a 15-point cut is unspeakable. But we have to accept the reality and fight starting with 22 points.

The Italian Football Association announced a point cut, but a final decision will be made two months later. If the penalty of 15 points reduction is cited as it is, Juventus’ Serie A championship this season will virtually be overlooked. Juventus is in 3rd place with 37 points, but if they are punished with a point reduction, they will be pushed all the way to 11th place.

For Napoli, who are currently leading the league with 47 points, the punishment from Juventus, the championship contender, is bound to be welcome.

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