‘Daegu Inzagi’ Ko Jae-hyun, the player he wants to be like is ‘two-footed Son Heung-min’

In the 2022 season, Daegu FC’s highest scorer was neither Sejingya nor Jeka. ‘Daegu Inzagi’ Ko Jae-hyeon, who was a midfielder but smelled the goal, faithfully played the role of an ace with 13 goals.

Thanks to the excellent location selection, fans began to call Jaehyun Ko by the nickname ‘Gojagi’, a combination of his last name ‘Go’ and Filippo Inzaghi’s ‘jagi’. This season, too, he is determined to prepare harder and show a better appearance.

On the 1st, Daegu completed the Namhae field training for about a month. Ko Jae-hyun scored 3 points in 10 practice games. Two of his three goals came in the last game of field training against Jeonju University. It is expected that his sense of scoring will rise as he gets closer to the opening.

Concluding the first winter camp training, Ko Jae-hyeon said, “A month felt like a year. 토토사이트 It’s good that I did it. What was difficult and what was not difficult was all difficult. Other teams will be equally difficult, but training in Daegu is always difficult.”

Last season, coach Choi Won-kwon led the team as an acting manager and saved Daegu from relegation. While going through a difficult time, he was saturated with fans, and promised a rebound with a tearful appeal in front of the fans. This appearance became a great stimulus to the players, including Ko Jae-hyun.

“I got on the bus, but the director didn’t get on, so I said, ‘What is it?’ I watched it. He held up a loudspeaker and spoke. I saw him shed tears at that time. I can’t express the atmosphere in words. I thought, ‘Does the director have to be cursed this much because of us?’ Never let this happen again. I thought it would be okay. I was watching the game outside because my hamstring was bad against Jeonbuk, and Jeonbuk players scored a goal, but seeing our supporters cheering, my pride hurt a lot. The next match was against Jeju. I didn’t want to show that side of me.”

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