Competent coaches make elite players… Realization of coach treatment is urgently needed

“If you appear in a broadcast commentary or variety show, you can instantly make billions of dollars in income. In this reality, it is difficult to start as a coach with the lowest salary as a coach, and even if the offer of a “VS” coach is rejected, it is rejected. There is a lack of competent coaches.”

It is a problem that there are fewer and fewer star leaders in Korean professional baseball. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of retired players entering the broadcasting world instead of walking the path of coaching. It is known that he is making a lot of money by showing off his splendid wit by appearing as a broadcast commentator or on an entertainment program.

What is the reason they are entering the broadcasting world instead of the baseball field? Many baseball players cite ‘coach treatment’ as the direct cause. If you debut as a coach, the first step of the current leader, treatment starts with an annual salary of 50 million won. Compared to ordinary office workers, the salary is not small, but the coach is in a position where you do not know when you will be fired and there is no severance pay.

Although the coach’s salary has been almost at a standstill for decades, the stress related to grades is still severe. Most of the coaches suffer from insomnia due to low income and great stress compared to the intensity of their work. Both coaches and players cannot be free from stress about grades, but among them, the stress index of coaches is the highest. It is said that if you become a manager after building a coaching career, you will be rewarded with a down payment and an annual salary of 100 million won for a multi-year contract, but there are very few cases where you become a manager. On the other hand, coaches who sign contracts every year walk on thin ice for a year because they are in an unstable position that does not know when they will be fired. 

Since the launch of professional baseball, the salaries of both players and coaches have soared dozens of times, but the salaries of coaches have fallen short of expectations. The salary in the first year of his coaching debut did not rise much, such as 30 million won in the 1990s, 40 million won in the 2000s, and 50 million won from the 2010s to the present. This is a poor salary level for coaches, who are young people in their mid-30s to mostly people in their 40s and 50s who make a living with their families. 

In this situation, former stars are staying away from the coaching job, and the baseball world is crying out for a lack of competent coaches. Since there are few competent coaches, it is difficult to improve the skills of the players, and in the end, it is festering as a problem for the whole of Korean baseball.

As the saying goes, ‘Outstanding players come from excellent teachers’, it is difficult to produce many players who surpass their teachers in the reality of lack of competent leaders. Retired players who are better financially, such as hitting the ‘FA jackpot’ during their active career, are not willing to start as coaches in the harsh reality. In addition, even those who have been evaluated as future leaders by clubs are hesitant to start coaching. 메이저사이트

People in the baseball world who are broadcasting after retirement said, “It’s not that I don’t want to return to the field, but compared to my current income, the coach’s annual salary is extremely low.” However, ideals and reality are clearly different. I can’t raise my kids with a coach’s annual salary,” he says firmly. To become a coach with an annual salary of 50 million won overnight after receiving a player’s salary of hundreds of millions of won is inevitable.

There is also a negative view that some do not try and start with money. It is a harsh reality, but there is an opinion that as long as you have the will to succeed as a leader, it is enough.

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