Chelsea star “I have a special relationship with a donkey” shock confession → ‘thrilled’ to give donkey his name

Kai Havertz plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League. The German international plays as an attacking midfielder for Chelsea. He is set to move to Arsenal in the summer transfer window for a reported fee of £65 million.

He was featured in the British publication The Sun on July 28. He wasn’t featured for his soccer, but for his donkey.

According to the article, Kai was overjoyed and touched to have his name on the donkey. I’ve never seen anyone give their name to a donkey before. I’ve never seen anyone give their name to a donkey before.

What’s the story? Let’s hear Kai’s story. First of all, Kai’s namesake donkey is located in a reserve in Devon.

Kai actually loves donkeys. They’re her favorite pets. Of course, he also loves other animals, including campaigning against animal cruelty, but nothing like his love for donkeys.

What’s really funny is that Chelsea player Kai’s nickname is Donkey. He loves the nickname. In an interview with The Guardian, he said, “My teammates call me Donkey. It’s not because of my soccer,” he said, adding, “From the beginning I feel a special connection with donkeys.”

A special relationship between humans and donkeys? It doesn’t make sense, but Kai explains. Donkeys have a very calm temper, he says. It’s a calmness that mirrors his own, so it doesn’t matter that his nickname is Donkey. 안전놀이터

“They rest all day, they don’t move around a lot, they just want to live their lives,” says Kai, who loves donkeys because they’re so much like him.

“When I’m having a bad game and I lose, I go to the sanctuary,” says Kai. I look at the animals and see something human in them. It’s a kind of healing, and I feel peace,” he explains. The sanctuary is where he has a donkey named after him.

This infinite love for donkeys grew out of seeing young donkeys rescued from a shelter near her hometown in Aachen, Germany. So she gave her name to one of the foals there.

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