Byung-Ji Kim, CEO of Gangwon Province, donated 10 million won to the victims of the forest fire in Gangneung

Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byeong-ji (53) donated money to restore forest fire damage.

Gangwon FC announced through a press release on the 20th that “CEO Kim Byung-ji donated 10 million won to help restore forest fire damage.”

On the 11th, a large forest fire broke out in Nangok-dong, Gangneung-si. Due to the forest fire, Gangneung City suffered great damage, including the loss of 100 buildings and nearly 200 agricultural facilities. Gangwon FC CEO Kim Byeong-ji decided to donate. The donations delivered through the Gangwon-do Community Chest of Korea will be used to restore forests in the affected area and to provide food and emergency relief goods to support the livelihood of the victims. 먹튀검증

CEO Kim Byung-ji, who delivered donations to Gangwon-do through the Hometown Love Donation last month, donated 10 million won without hesitation for Gangwon-do and Gangneung-si this time.

CEO Kim Byung-ji said, “I was surprised by the forest fire in Gangneung ahead of the game, and thinking of the victims, I was heartbroken. It’s not a large amount, but I hope it will be a small help to those affected by the forest fire.” We are looking for a job that will help us. We will continue to be a club that shares the pain and joy of Gangwon-do.”

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