“Baseball is where the last place can beat the first place” Confident aspirations Kim Ha-seong… A hundred times more nervous at the press conference

Ha-seong Kim, the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team, revealed his strong aspirations at the ‘2023 WBC National Team Press Conference’ held at Hotel Rivera in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 16th.

Go Woo-seok, Lee Kang-cheol, Yang Eui-ji, and Kim Ha-seong entered the press conference and posed while shouting “Go Fighting” before taking questions from the reporters. After some time passed, Kim Ha-seong lowered his fist first.

However, director Lee Kang-chul, Go Woo-seok, and Yang Eui-ji, excluding Kim Ha-seong, were still posing with their fists raised. Embarrassed, Ha-seong Kim raised his fist again and continued to pose. In response to 메이저사이트

reporters’ questions about the game against Japan, Ha-seong Kim said, “Baseball is a sport where the last player can beat the first place. I will do my best to win,” he said.

Regarding Edman, who was selected for the first time in the national team, he said, “He is a player who can attack, defend, and run. (Edman) is a player who has won a Golden Glove. I think it will definitely help.”

Regarding the game against Japan, coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “Japan’s pitching is good. He can hit well, and we have to subtract points that we can score even with strategy. It’s a strong force, but if we do well, I think it will be a wonderful and fun game.”

Meanwhile, the Korean national team, which belongs to Group B in the first round of the WBC, is set to face Japan on March 10 at the Tokyo Dome.

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