‘Bang from the tower! Bang in the corner! Bang at 45 degrees!’ where should i stop? Woori Bank’s 3-point shot

Everywhere on the 3-point line is Woori Bank’s playground.

Asan Woori Bank maintained an unrivaled first-team match by winning 14 straight games until the beginning of the second half. However, it was shaken as one or two injured such as Park Hye-jin, Choi Yi-sam, and Park Ji-hyun came out.

Prior to the Cheongju KB Stars match on the 5th, Woori Bank’s 3-point shot success rate in the second half was only 28.8%. Woori Bank’s season average 3-point shot success rate is 33.7%, which ranks first in the league, but fell sharply in the second half. Woori Bank, which lost one of its powerful weapons, recorded 2 wins and 3 losses in 5 matches in the second half. Since they gave up only one loss in the first half, you can see the performance that fell in the second half.

However, the match against KB Stars on the 5th was different. Everyone says that Woori Bank, which suffered its first consecutive loss of the season, is still lacking in performance, but it was clear that it had recovered as much as the 3-point shot. He attempted 27 three-pointers, making 11 of them. This is a success rate of 40.0%.

Starting with Danbi Kim from the beginning of the first quarter, Woori Bank showed an unusual sense of three-point shooting. Danbi Kim took the lead with two consecutive 3-pointers from the top. Na Yoon-jung fired a 3-point shot from around 45 degrees and made 11-2 runs. In the middle of the quarter, Kim Dan-bi succeeded in another 3-point shot from a place one step away from the top, where she was usually confident. Woori Bank took a 25-18 lead in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Kim Dan-bi also hit the top 3-point shot, Go A-ra’s corner, and Park Hye-jin made a 3-point shot from the right angle of 45 degrees. In the second half of the quarter, 바카라사이트 Kim Dan-bi also put in a 3-point shot from the right 45 degree area, and Woori Bank showed a threatening appearance in all sections of the 3-point line.

In the 3rd quarter, Park Ji-Hyun claimed to be the shooter. He made two 3-pointers in a row from the right corner. Park Hye-jin fired a 3-pointer from the left corner in the 4th quarter and succeeded in Woori Bank’s 11th 3-pointer in the game. Woori Bank, who hit with a 3-point shot, won 69-59 and made magic number 2.

The 3-point shot that can be fired from anywhere makes the opponent confused and atrophied. This is one of the reasons Woori Bank is strong.

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