Angels suffer from injury again before the opening… Season starts in Walsh-Stash IL

The Angels have been plagued by injuries before the start of the season.

The Athletic’s Sam Blum said on March 28 (Korean time) that Los Angeles Angels’ Jared Walsh will start the season on the injured list.

According to Blum, Walsh suffers from headaches and insomnia. Angels manager Phil Nevin said Walsh would seek out a specialist and get a prescription.

Walsh, a lefty pitcher born in 1993, is the Angels’ starting first baseman. Although he was sluggish last year, he made a big success in the 2020-2021 season with .280/.338/.531 38 homers and 124 RBIs in 176 games. Except for Shohei Ohtani, most batters were left-handed hitters who had to show off their long-running power in the Angels, which are mostly right-handed hitters. Walsh played in 14 spring training exhibition games and hit .400/.512/.686 with 2 home runs and 6 RBIs, but he could not continue his good mood. 카지노사이트

The Angels will also start the season on the disabled list with starting catcher Max Stacy with a hip problem.

With the departure of Walsh and Stacy, the Angels are adding 23-year-old catcher Logan Ohope and veteran infielder Jake Lamb to their opening roster, according to Blum.

Ohope, who made his debut last year and played 5 games, was from the 23rd round of the rookie draft (2018, PHI) and participated in 12 demonstration games at this spring camp, recording .281/.361/.438, 1 home run, and 6 RBIs. Ram, a 10-year veteran of his debut who camped as an invited player, played an active part in 16 exhibition games with .324/.419/.595, 2 home runs and 9 RBIs.

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